Mitre Pen Kit

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Unika Mitre Bond Superglue 50g & Activator Pen Kit

Mitrepen and Mitre Bond glue are used in correlation to create a tight adhesive bond. Applicable to Cornice & Profile Mitre Joints, Melamine end strips, door trims, picture frames, mdf and skirting joints one edge is lined with glue and the other marked with the Mitrepen.  

Once applied Mitrebond is quick and clean and sets in 15 seconds with no mixing or heating, forming a secure bond.

Apply to: MDF, Timber, Glass, Ceramics, Aluminium, Chipboard, Perspex, Steel, Porcelain, Some Plastics

One MitrePen lasts as long as 3 x 200ml aerosol activators

Directions for use:

Ensure both surfaces to be joined are clean cut and free from oil or grease.

Apply MitreBond adhesive (or any other superglue) to one side of the joint.

Apply MitrePen activator to the other side of the joint.

Quickly bring the two sides into line and firmly press together, hold for 10 seconds.

Width: 0mm
Length: 0mm
Thickness: 0mm