RapidFit Toilet Cubicles

RapidFit Toilet Cubicles

RapidFit now offers two ‘off the shelf’ instant solutions when toilet, changing or shower cubicles are needed for a quick build or rapid refurbishment.

Building on the success of our original RapidFit range, manufactured using an 18mm melamine faced chipboard, we now offer two solutions:

1. RapidFit MFC - Our improved and extended range now uses moisture resistant MFC.

2. RapidFit Compact - A more robust and 100% waterproof solution.

Both our RapidFit toilet cubicle systems cater for the demanding timescales often faced during unexpected refurbishments and are also ideal when bespoke sizes and designs are simply not required.

The extended choice of colours, in the RapidFit MFC system offers a complete ‘off the shelf’ solution combining a mix and match* selection of 8 great colours available across the full range of toilet cubicles, IPS wall panels and vanity units. The RapidFit MFC range comes with a 5 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

The RapidFit Compact range offers you something tougher for high use cubicles. Manufactured from 12mm compact grade laminate it is 100% waterproof, extremely hardwearing and vandal resistant. A choice of 10 complementary colours* makes this the ideal product for shower cubicles, changing rooms or when a more robust toilet cubicle is needed. The RapidFit Compact range comes with a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Complementary colours allow both RapidFit ranges to be combined, so whatever mix suits your project best, you can rely on RapidFit to quickly transform the most basic washroom into a stylish, modern and functional facility.