RapidFit Toilet Cubicles

RapidFit Toilet Cubicles

RapidFit Toilet Cubicles from Rearo offer an instant, off-the-shelf solution for quick building, renovation or refurbishment projects.

With the power to transform even the most basic facility into a modern, functional wash room, these unique toilet cubicles provide an easy solution for any time-dependent project.


RapidFit Toilet Cubicles are ideal for use in Bars, Restaurants, Offices and Industrial Units.

Including toilet cubicles, IPS (wall panelling) and vanity units, our new, updated range has never looked better.

Choose from a range of 5 modern colours, each provided by the leading industry supplier EGGER:

Stone Grey – Denim – Aubergine – Alpine – Ontario Walnut.



Apply these shades to doors, partitions, pillasters and our RapidFit IPS to provide a unique design for each installation.

The option for colour contrast also complies with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) – an important aspect for all modern building requirements.

All components come complete with a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

For further information about our RapidFit Toilet Cubicles, download the brochure here or email sales@rearo.co.uk.