Your kitchen's finishing touches

Your flooring and wall panel choices may create the canvas for your kitchen, but it is the accessories that complete the space.

As demonstrated in our previous blog, chairs are a complementary feature for any breakfast bar/ dining area. Not only do they serve a practical purpose but also have an aesthetic of their own.

Looking back to our kitchen roomstyler we see that the chair has completed the industrial/ art deco feel of the space with its smooth lines and rustic appearance, but in what ways can we complement our other flooring options.

Our Valencia flooring range specialises in Mediterranean style designs, whilst Clixeal has very much a traditional feel.

Take our Valencia Bronze Slate design, for example, its rich earthy tones can be easily complimented with a neutral white or grey. To give an authentic feel to the space add in rattan furniture, desert plants and natural finish cushions.

Meanwhile for our Clixeal Natural Oak flooring, design can be taken down a traditional or modern route.  As pictured below, a wooden décor will give a timely feel to your kitchen, whilst rounded and obscure shapes will give a sense of the contemporary.

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