Selkie – Our signature range of wall panels, handmade within our 60,000 sq ft Glasgow based manufacturing facility. Simple to install and easy to maintain, Selkie shower wall panels are made from a bonded board of laminate and plywood/ MFC. Attached to your walls using adhesive and a tongue and groove fitting or through the assistance of trims, they come in a range of different styles and finishes - making them the perfect alternative to conventional tiles.

When you decide to take the leap of faith when it comes to your overdue bathroom renovation it is often the smaller things such as a new sink, toilet or even your units which are first choice, but when it comes to the walls, what is the right choice?

You may debate the often-traditional ceramic tiles, but this can be difficult, time- consuming and expensive job. So where do the alternatives lie? SELKIE!

Easy to install

Durable and lightweight whilst providing a high-quality finish. Not only do they look fantastic on your walls, they’re also very simple to install.

Unlike the method used within tiling, where you have to lay individual squares, ensure they’re all straight and apply the correct amount of grout, plastic wall panels are simply laid in sheets (Therefore reducing time and unit costs).

You don’t have to be a professional tradesperson to fix your panels to the wall and create fantastic results. With the right tools and matching products such as trims, you can finish the job in no-time. However, we do advise that you read the instructions carefully and/or chat to a professional to get the most out of your materials. If you decide to assign the job to a professional, you’ll benefit from a significant saving in labour costs compared to a tiling job.

As well as this your project can begin straight away, wall panels can be laid over tiles and most surfaces. Avoid the stress about stripping the old tiles off the wall before you project meaning less mess and time efficiency.

Waterproof your bathroom

A complete waterproof wall panel system, although it is important to note the boards must have a sealant added to each joint to make them water tight. This design is perfect for areas that are constantly getting soaked, such as around your bath tub or in your shower, cladding is perfect as it protects your walls from condensation.

These panels also prevent the growth of dark fungus in your bathroom. Although tiles are also waterproof, the grout around them is a hotbed for mould and even if you clean them regularly (normally at a rate of two times per week), there always seems to be more! As these panels don’t require grout, there is little chance of them becoming mouldy.

Panels insulate your bathroom – reducing your energy costs

Last but not least, wall panels provide insulation. If you choose a standard decorative panel, each panel is 8mm thick. So when it’s cold outside, you won’t lose the heat from your radiators as quickly as you would do with cold tiles.

Still not convinced? Why not speak to one of sales advisers directly on 0141 440 0800 or drop in branch to see us.

Featured: Selkie 'Silver Rain'

Featured: Selkie 'Silver Rain'

Featured: Selkie 'Fired Bronze'

Featured: Selkie 'Fired Bronze'