Following the introduction of marble effects to the SENSES Range we felt it could be an interesting concept to investigate the heritage of the material and what it represents.

Why is it such a great addition to the home?

Marble makes an exciting and luxurious statement within your home or commercial space – it has definite links to expense due to its attractive veining and colour options.

Having been the select material for monuments, temples and buildings for thousands of years it has been a symbol of tradition, luxury and extraordinary taste. Throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Far East, marble buildings still remain - some of which are the most iconic in the world. The Parthenon in Athens, the Coliseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India, and also the White House, are all examples of how architects, sculptors, and craftsman have used marble to create beautiful buildings.

We have opted for a Carrera marble laminate to join our new senses range at Rearo.  Italian in origin this marble design is a high quality, primarily white or blue-grey stone. Traditionally the natural stone has been made for the use of sculpture, due to its suppleness, relative shatter-resistance, visual depth and beauty, as well as a waxy and translucent appearance.

Marble is known as a stone of power, and is said to support the channelling, focusing, storage and transformation of energy with the body and assists in clarity and calmness within the mind.

To add a zen feel to your kitchen why not shop our Senses ‘Carrera Marble’ as a cost efficient alternative to the physical stone. Our high quality value range is available in the form of 38mm thick kitchen worktops, breakfast bars, upstands and splash backs.