Transforming the St Mirren Tunnel: Manufacture

Part 2 - Manufacture


On Tuesday we took you behind the scenes in the design process of the St Mirren Tunnel project. Today we look at how we brought the artwork - documenting the club’s incredible history - to life.

Having worked in partnership with Formica for over 25 years, we had full confidence in their Younique® laminate service for creating the artwork. Highly functional, this product has exceptional resistance to external influence – ideal for a high traffic tunnel area. Structured to facilitate virtually limitless design, Younique takes bespoke graphics and encapsulates them in laminate.

Following a handover from Ken Doig of Gate Creative, the St Mirren design was transferred initially to kraft paper as a digital print. The design was then integrated in layers, impregnated with resins and compressed under the close inspection from Formica’s processing team in North Shields.

From there, the sheets were returned to Glasgow and Rearo’s Govan based 60,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. We bonded the sheets to plywood core and finished them as a ‘tongue and groove’ installation.

This finish, as the names suggests, has a small tongue along one edge and a matching groove along the other. The tongue slots neatly into the groove of the neighbouring plank. As well as ensuring a consistent and seamless finish between panels, tongued and-grooved panelling is also extremely hard-wearing, ensuring the longevity of an installation.

As we moved closer to completion of our tunnel project, things were gathering momentum on the turf too, with the trophy there for the taking!

To see the laminate process in real time, click below:

You can read Part 3 of Transforming the St Mirren Tunnel on Thursday, when we look at how the panels were successfully implemented – and how timing couldn’t have been better.