Transforming the St Mirren Tunnel: Design

Part 1 - Design


Ahead of their championship winning season, St Mirren FC Chairman Gordon Scott commissioned Rearo and the Formica Group to create a powerful new look for the club’s tunnel area. This week we give you exclusive access to what went on behind the scenes, from concept to completion, beginning today with the design process.

The initial design consultation began in January, led by Rearo’s graphic design partners Gate Creative. The aim of the tunnel renovation was to boost the Buddies before heading onto the pitch, with a massive visual impact via wall panels.

Creative Director Ken Doig took his lead from fans’ suggestions to show images of historic victories and inspirational players, both past and present. Combining the obvious pride in the club and town with a strong sense of St Mirren’s branding, Ken created a powerful, emotive area for the team and visitors, documenting the story of the Saints from their origins in 1877.

The overall panel design is based simply on the black and white stripes, with a paisley pattern background. On the Home wall, the club slogan “our town, our team” is incorporated to maximum effect, running from floor to ceiling. Extending from the words, two stripes of black and white images run parallel around the full length of the tunnel and Away side.

The top stripe retraces achievements from the 2013 League Cup Winners, through First Division Champions, Scottish Cup Winners, all the way back to the legendary Dunky Walker in Barcelona 1921. The bottom stripe pays tribute to the St Mirren fans, with images of celebration in the terraces and crowded streets on victory days.

You can read Part 2 of Transforming the St Mirren Tunnel on Thursday, when we look at how we brought the tunnel design to life through our partnership with Formica and their Younique® artwork service.