The ultimate summer celebration

We’re in the midst of the World Cup and temperatures continue to rise – has there ever been a better time to throw a party? But be warned, these once simple gatherings of a barbecue and a few friends have become more grand affairs these days. Here are our top tips to make sure your summer bash goes with a bang.

Dressing it up

Add a bit of extra fun by giving your party a theme. Popular choices this year include Moroccan, floral, film based and - that old favourite - Hawaiian! Add to the ambiance with palm trees, dainty tea light structures, lanterns and rugs.

Feel good vibes

Sugary pop, eighties disco, smooth melodies, reggae spirit, summer classics…whatever type of mood you’d like to set, creating a playlist has never been easier with the help of streaming sites such as Spotify and YouTube. So plan ahead, choose your tunes and get this party started on the right note!

Fabulous refreshments

While a barbecue comes as standard with any summer gathering, you can show your creativity with nibbles and drinks. Exotic cocktails, fruit infused ice, pineapple doughnuts and shrimp tacos should just be the beginning. Take to Pinterest to see how you can make your table stand out from the rest.

Stunning surfaces

Your party may be based outside, but the two busiest areas on the night will be your kitchen and bathroom, so make sure they’re looking their best. Replace those scratched surfaces or tired colours from Rearo’s contemporary and easy to install collection. All products can be delivered within 2-10 days or collected in branch (stock dependent), so make your party the perfect excuse to spruce up your home. There are decors to suit all tastes, but we especially love fresh Pure Essence Senses worktop and Luna Marble Selkie Panel.

For further inspiration, head over to our Pinterest board: