The rise of the shelfie

Millennials have brought us the selfie and now the interiors trend of the shelfie, not to be mistaken for our own brand Selkie, but what is it?

Shelfies are a new form of self-expression and the phenomenon is on the rise. Made famous by bloggers on Instagram, we see a person’s life or personality described in a shelf set. From books to beauty products in the bathroom, make your shelves your own.

Having your own favourite objects in sight have also been known to improve happiness levels. Sentimental trinkets, for example, are a constant reminder of great memories.

So, just how do you create your own picture perfect shelfie? We’ve pulled out three variations and ask you to think of the first words that come to mind when you see them.

Suggestions: Organic, trendy, fresh, minimalistic, feminine

Suggestions: Intellectual, traveller, masculine, neat

Suggestions: girly, pink, childlike, feminine, young

From the above we can take that its all about the objects, composition, colour and shape, but most of all remember to be you.

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For further inspiration: