The rise and wall of the wet room

Wet rooms are the fastest-growing sector of the UK bathroom market, set to increase by a whopping 34% by 2019. Technically defined as “a type of waterproofed room with a drain in the floor often serving as an open plan shower”, the wet room is by far the way forward for modern bathrooms. But just what’s sparked this new trend?

Well, it’s largely down to recent developments within the bathroom surface market. More affordable pricing and better access to products means wet rooms are no longer purely aspirational - any homeowner can now have one. Innovations in technology have introduced a whole host of new water-resistant products to the market, including our own range of Ancona PVC Wall Panels and Selkie Waterproof Wall Panel Systems.

But there’s more at play in wet room popularity than simply better product offerings. Changing demographics have also contributed to the rapid rise of the wet room. Their combination of ease of access and a sleek showering solution, means wet rooms appeal to both an aging and youthful population. Purely practical for some, they’re perceived as luxurious by others. No surprise then that exclusive housebuilders are now incorporating wet rooms into up-market developments.

Age and status aside though, wet rooms offer clear advantages over traditional bathrooms.

Here’s why you should go with the flow and install a wet room:

  1. They improve the quality and value of your home. By waterproofing an area that’s particularly susceptible to leaks and water issues, you’re improving the overall structure of your property. The central drain system in a wet room prevents the build-up of moisture which can create damp in walls. And sealed properly, your floor space under your tiles will also be better protected.
  2. They give you more space. If you don't need a bath facility, an open plan shower can really open up a room, far more so than even a shower cubicle can.
  3. They make cleaning easier. Because the environment is wet, normal household bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room, preventing the build-up of mould anywhere. And with no grouting required for wall panels, just a simple wipe down is all it takes to keep your wet room sparkling.

And it’s this last point which really sways people - the minimal effort involved in cleaning a wet room, compared to the hassle of maintaining a family bathroom. You’ll find this easy to clean function in our core waterproof wall panel products of Ancona and Selkie. Easy to install as well as maintain, they’re both perfect for wet room projects.

So what’s the difference between the two?


Ancona is our 100% waterproof solution. Due to its core material of PVC, it’s completely water resistant. We offer two variations: Vari-fit narrow panels (designed for areas where space is limited) and Max-fit (1m wide panels), with three varying tile effect designs for each. New Ancona editions include: Lyndos MarbleTravertine Stone and Linear Silver.

Selkie is our Waterproof Wall Panel System. It’s made from a WBP plywood core with a laminate surface decor. To ensure the waterproof benefits of the product, each panel must be securely fitted using an extrusion or via a tongue and groove system accompanied by adhesive. Recently revamped, our new Selkie designs include RaindropLava GreyGerman Chalk and Tropical Green.

We’ve carefully selected both ranges with trend predictions at the very heart of the decision. So when you come to designing your own wet room, you can be sure of a sound investment.

To find out more about our Ancona or Selkie ranges visit in branch or call a member of our sales team on 0141 440 0800

Recent installation using  SELKIE 'Iranian Travertine'

Recent installation using SELKIE 'Iranian Travertine'

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Image courtesy of Pinterest