Styling Red in the kitchen

Known for its vibrancy, we can understand why so many would be hesitant to bring red into their home, but it could be the colour that injects some life back into a tired kitchen.

When paired with white, black and grey tones, red can be the finishing accent in a sophisticated colour palette.

And, if you’re debating on the level of commitment you want to give to the colour, our Rouge Sparkle décor is available as a worktop, breakfast bar, upstand and splashback, meaning that we can cater to any customer needs.

With Decorative splashbacks predicted as a top trend for 2020, a red splashback is the ideal choice to break the monotony of a fresh white kitchen. And, for those looking for some unusual texture offers, our Selkie Textured Concrete and Aluminium splashbacks are very complimentary to our rouge sparkle worktops.

And finally, not to be forgotten - accessories. Tableware and small storage items, as well as potted plants, are welcome additions to a red kitchen. Minimalism is key, make your statement with colour combinations or patterns, as demonstrated above.

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