Ready to make your house a home? Avoid the dissolution that a limited budget leaves no room for personalisation, instead welcome it as a challenge to put your own stamp on the place.

Consider the following and you will have not only a home to envy your friends but some new-found styling skills.


Your first home may be on the small side so think about the apartment or house, rather than individual rooms, when styling. Consider a theme to give the feeling of a single large space and use different floor coverings to separate areas, as detailed below.

Suggested themes: Industrial, Minimalistic, Chic, Maximalist

Mirrors and white wall paneling can also create the illusion of more space, whilst plants give atmosphere.

Credit: Architectural Digest


It may be tempting to want to instantly leave your own mark on the property but allow a few weeks to settle before making any major changes. In the first six months of moving in to a new home your opinion will flip flop significantly, remember that accessories can be changed quicker than bathroom or kitchen surfaces.

Consider including your favourite colours. If you are an eccentric go bold and bright, for the more reserved we suggest pastel colours and marbles.

As well as colour options, Knick knacks, art, music and furniture all play a vital role in bringing you in to the room - your personal taste is visually reflected in all these items.

Consider the below image, we can see the importance of music to this person and their interest in comfortable pieces with a retro feel. Think about what you would like to portray


And finally, the conversation no one wants to have post purchase, money. You will no doubt feel like your pockets have got lighter since investing but there are many options available, from Second hand to online auction sites and Facebook Groups.

Our suggestion would be to purchase your bigger items such as couches and wardrobes from these outlets. For surface options, Rearo offers a whole host of cost effective ranges, such as our Ancona Wall Panels, Senses Worktops and Clixeal Flooring.

We hope these handy tips have been of use to you, for further information regarding any of our ranges please email