Showcase your corner space

Corners are often the most neglected areas of a home, serving no purpose but to gather dust. However, with a bit of imagination and cleverly chosen products, corners can dramatically enhance your interior. Here’s how to use those extra inches and showcase your corner space.

With corners it’s all about accessories - chairs, tables, books, trinkets and floral arrangements. For an elaborate interpretation, see the Sunny Isles, Florida, condo on the right, designed by Steven La Fonte. You can achieve this boutique wall effect in a fraction of the time with our top selling Selkie range. Customer favourites right now include Silver Rain, Carrera Marble and Raindrop.

One of the best things about our wall panel ranges is that they adapt easily and cut to fit narrow spaces. Turn an award tight space into the perfect beam to hang and showcase your artwork, as seen within this feature in Lonny Magazine. (Any residue from non-nail hangers can be easily removed from Selkie panels with a quick wipe.)

Want something more theatrical? Try the vintage route and dress up corners with modesty screens. Or show your bohemian side by spreading your workspace across your home – try worktop off cuts and a mixture of sourced treasures, demonstrated perfectly in the home of Finnish music composer and producer Hank Solo.

Whatever style you choose, make sure your forgotten corners become a highlight in your home.