Selkie brand secures eco-credentials

Rearo is delighted to announce we’ve achieved official FSC and PEFC certification for our timber manufactured goods. Applying mainly to our Selkie range of waterproof wall panel systems, we can now guarantee environmental and social responsibility in our product offering.

As more and more people become interested in where products come from, how they’re made and their impact on the world around them, we’ve responded to the increase in demand for wood from certified sources by prioritising our company’s own social responsibility.

Both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) apply directly to the chain of custody regarding businesses manufacturing or trading forest products. Both verify that products are handled correctly at every stage of production - from forest to shelf.

Although certification is voluntary at the moment, public and private procurement policies increasingly require wood and wood-based products to originate from sustainably managed forests, often specifying PEFC certification as evidence. It is also likely to become part of a company's license to operate in many countries.

By acting now and improving the social responsibility of our own brand, we’re proud to be leading the way in future plans for the industry.