As part of our ongoing development and progression as a company Rearo feel it is vital to work closely with our partners and understand each other’s way of working.

One of our partners, EGGER UK Limited, has seen continued growth and has placed a significant amount of investment in their facilities making it one of the most technologically advanced in Europe.

Earlier this week a team of 6 from our Glasgow manufacturing facility were kindly invited to visit EGGER’s Hexham site to view their production operation as well as tour the facilities.

Founded in 1961 in Tyrol, Austria EGGER are a leading producer in wood-based panel Products with 17 production sites across Europe including Austria, Germany, France, United Kingdom, supported by offices worldwide.

The company has a very environmentally minded ethos and stands for the responsible use of the raw material wood, conserving resources. Something we at Rearo are also keen to promote (read more).

Currently EGGER are supplying laminates for our new RapidFit Toilet Cubicles range which offers an instant, off-the-shelf solution for quick building, renovation or refurbishment of washrooms. Our new range is expanding from 5 to 18 decor colours and EGGER have played a vital role in this selection process.

The benefits of EGGER suppling all 8 laminates for our MR-MFC RANGE include:

  • Resistance to abrasion, impact and scratches,
  • Simple and easy processing,
  • Versatile application,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank EGGER for the opportunity to visit and for the inspiration this has instilled in our staff. We look forward to strengthening our working relationship.