Rearo are proud to announce the launch of our brand new GetaCore Solid Surface range.

GetaCore comes in a choice of five colours of seamlessly beautiful, pre-fabricated, solid surface kitchen worktops, breakfast bars and up stands. Combined with matching edging strips there is no limit to their creative use in your kitchen.

Warm to the touch, the acrylic bound solid surface material is hygienic and easy to clean. It is uniquely heat tempered during the manufacturing process making GetaCore most stable against rapid temperature changes. With a superb tactile quality it is the ideal material for modern work surfaces. Visually stunning stone like optics and a strong tonal depth combine to produce a highly desirable luxury finish for your kitchen.

GetaCore can be seamlessly joined, by a competent tradesman, using our colour matched compounds. Under mounted basins and draining grooves are just some of the features easily added and the complete surface shaped and sanded to give the impression of a perfect ‘carved from one piece’ finish. What’s more - it is repairable! Minor scratches can be simply sanded away, time and time again, and should there ever be major damage, then just replace it with a matching section. All this makes GetaCore a solid, long lasting investment in your home.

Features include: • Seamless joints • Batch-free production • Can be repaired and touch sanded • Easy to clean and hygienic • Can be applied both horizontally and vertically • Food safe to EN 1186 and EN 13130 • Resistant to common household chemicals to ISO 19712 • Heat resistant up to 180°C to ISO 19712 • Light fast wool standard level 6 to ISO 4892, ISO 105-B02, ISO 105-A02

The product range is currently available from Rearo in Miracle Black, Miracle Rock, Miracle Sand, Frosted Cloud and Frosted Dust.

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