Rearo achieves ISO upgrade

At Rearo we’re used to improvements, helping customers with bathroom, kitchen and commercial renovations day in, day out. But this week we had a different kind of upgrade of our own – following a successful ISO external audit, we’ve now migrated to the 2015 version of the standards for Quality 9001 and Environmental 14001.

As a company we strive for both excellence and quality. Inviting externals to accompany our internal audit allows for an independent review of our current operation so we can:

  • Ensure our Quality Management System complies with the ISO 9001 standard
  • Identify and address any issues within our Quality Management System
  • Identify potential improvements to our system
  • Ensure our organisation takes appropriate action to meet our quality objectives.

As well as assessing the quality of the business, our Environmental Management System (EMS), which relates directly to the handling of environmental issues within an organisation, was also surveyed. We believe this is vital for us in the market as it allows for:

  • Improved management of environmental risk
  • Reduced waste, energy, water and other raw material use
  • Reduced emission and discharges
  • Competitive edge in tender applications
  • Engagement from stakeholders and attraction of ethical investment
  • Improved corporate responsibility and promotion of sustainability
  • Demonstration to stakeholders and other interested parties (including regulatory bodies) of commitment toward environmental management and responsibility.

So congratulations to our Support Services Manager, Daniel Danso for his commitment to Rearo’s continued development and for ensuring the most recent audit has been a success!