Perfect pics for an Instagram seal of approval

After weeks of planning and plenty of upheaval, your house project is finally complete - your dream decor is now a spectacular reality. You’re delighted, relieved, but above all, ready to share your wow-factor interior with the world. But before you take to Facebook, Instagram or other channel, follow our Top 7 Tips on how to cause a social media frenzy - and maybe even make a few friends jealous - with pro-like pics from your phone.

1. Clean your lens

Your mobile finds itself in many places - pockets, bags, your hands – and as a result gets dirty. Clean your phone using a soft lens cloth. Avoid any abrasive cleaners, as these will scratch the glass over the lens, resulting in poorer image quality.

2. Find your angles

With photography, it’s all about the angles. Select the area of the room you’d like to focus on and take your shot. Standing in the corner of your room can lengthen the room space and make it seem bigger. Or get crafty with shape and go for a stylistic mirror picture as seen to the right but be careful not to catch yourself in the reflection!

3. Use leading lines

This simple composition technique helps focus the viewer on the main subject and lead the eye deeper into the image. Use vertical, horizontal or converging lines for strong visual impact.

4. Let the light in

Natural daylight is your friend, so take your shot before it’s dark and don’t use the flash indoors.

5. Go for a crop

Sometimes the ideal shot doesn’t turn into the ideal photo. Rescue it with some subtle cropping which can often result in the perfect image.

6. Stay focussed

Set the focus on your iPhone camera by simply tapping the screen where your subject is in the frame. A small yellow square will appear to confirm the focus point. This is particularly important when taking photos in low light or at night, when the iPhone camera will need to use a slow shutter speed to allow more light to hit the sensor. Hold the phone with both hands or rest it on a solid surface to keep it steady.

7. Avoid the zoom

Unfortunately, this is a digital zoom, not an optical one. This means the image is cropped as you zoom in, resulting in a noticeable loss in image quality.

So, good luck and happy snapping. Make sure you tag us in any of your Rearo refurbs!

Image copyright of Pinterest

Image copyright of Pinterest 

Image copyright of Pinterest

Image copyright of Pinterest