Pantone's colour of the year 2019

2019 has officially been established as the year of whimsical colour following Pantone’s colour of the year announcement, ‘living coral’. Something which we at Rearo are branding as the Wes Anderson effect, this blush shade has featured predominantly in hit films The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel. But what has brought about such popularity?

Pastel pinks are a relatively neutral way to add colour to a room, which means less risk when introducing a muted shade.  Our own Selkie ‘Salmon Wave’ Wall Panel brings a peaceful quality to any space and as demonstrated above pairs perfectly with blue, making colour blocking easy.

Additional colours can easily be introduced through accessories and furniture, this works best either taking a minimalistic approach as above or opting to be a maximalist.

Place houseplants against a plain Salmon Wave wall to bring vibrancy to your room, this will effectively work as a blank canvas and allow for both colours to contrast.

And there you have it, three main reasons to go pink in 2019.


1. Its neutral nature allows colour to be easily introduced in your home

2. Colour blocking can be simply done with pink hues

                                    3. Complimentary accessories and furniture can be sourced with ease


For further inspiration on ways to incorporate pink hues in to your home head over to our Pinterest: