Moving in? Combine your tastes without the tension

It’s a well known fact that no two tastes are the same. So when you move in with your other half/friend/flatmate, chances are you’ll have a few clashes when it comes to decorating and furnishing. You like gloss, they want matt. You love pattern, they prefer plain. Before long, it’s a stalemate and you wonder why you’re doing this in the first place!

Well the good news is, as well as surface specialists, we’re pretty good mediators too. So here are our top tips for tastefully combining your aesthetic preferences, making your home dynamic and interesting - and keeping you both on speaking terms too!

Decide on the must-haves

Both of you should go through your accessories and furnishings individually and get rid of anything that’s not really necessary. Make a short list of your must-have items, then compare with your new house share. How much space you have available is key when finalising this list.

Get a room!

Once you’ve agreed what you really can’t live without, designate each item to a room or area of the house -  this provides the perfect framework for developing a style.

Find your style

Work on creating a concept that reflects both of you. If you can’t compromise, take a space each where you’re in charge of choosing the decor. Pinterest is fabulous for inspiration.

Research your surfaces

Explore options for wall panels, worktops and flooring for your kitchen and bathroom together. Our extensive range offers decors and solutions to keep both sides happy. That gloss v matt debate? Settle it with our fresh ‘Oyster Pixel’ Selkie panel which has the bonus of being a soft silk touch surface, with a subtle reflective surface. And plain v patterned? Compromise with Raindrop or Structured White.


To view the range, click here.

Good luck, and for further advice, keep tabs on our Twitter page this week.