Matte vs gloss, it can be a cause for debate when it comes to kitchen worktops, just what should you be considering before making your choice.


Although not a brand-new concept, matte surfaces are viewed as the more modern and chicer alternative to the traditional gloss worktop.

Matt worktops are also great for larger kitchen/ open designs because they add a more expansive feel. However, if you struggle for space, gloss helps add a little bit of shine and gives the impression of a larger room.

Likeliness of scratching

Gloss surfaces are more likely to highlight surface scratches than a matte due to their reflective nature.

A deep scratch in any instance will cause damage to the worktop and so chopping boards and other similar utensils should always be used when preparing meals.


Matte surfaces can hide fingerprints and smudges better than gloss surfaces, the presence of grease etc is more likely to be shown on a gloss surface due to its tendency to bounce light. As a result, cleaning requirements reduce considerably with matte worktops.

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