Marble, a statement of opulence and glamour, commonly seen in bathrooms throughout the UK.

Having been such a popular design choice for several years though, it can be viewed as aged, but there is a way to avoid this label.

In both our Selkie and Ancona ranges we have been conscious in selecting modern marble decors, opting for unusual tones and dramatic features.

Our choices are not just based on personal aesthetic however, and consider their pairings with many of today’s modern colour and design trends, such as:

Matte Black fixtures

Having seen popularity at the start of the year, our neutral palette of white, cream and beige pairs perfectly with matte finish shower heads, taps and trims.

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Scandi Style

The return of scandi style, featuring earthy tones, is complemented perfectly by our Medusa Beige Selkie panel and Ancona White Marble design. The sandy shades and white within each design blend well with natural material accessories.

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Mix and Match Pattern

Woods and Marbles have become a very popular pairing in 2019 as we begin to see the introduction of spa spaces in the home. Our suggestion would be to experiment with Selkie Carrera Marble and light wood designs.

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