Although Rearo continues to grow and expand we always make sure to keep a community spirit amongst our workforce, across our 6 branches.

This spirit is something we are also keen to share with the wider community too.

Today in the company we are very aware of our effects on the environment, especially when manufacturing from our Glasgow branch. To tackle these problems we have implemented environmentally friendly concepts in to all areas of the business to reduce our carbon footprint.

So what has Rearo done to achieve this?

Our partnership with William Tracey has been vital in our recycling process.

Landfilling waste is no longer economically sustainable for Rearo but so William Tracey has helped us to divert waste away from landfill and is helping Rearo on our journey towards  zero waste. Tracey’s recycle over 91% of waste coming into their Materials Recycling Facilities and invest in the latest technologies to generate the best results possible.  Just some of the items Rearo recycle include: Paper, Newspaper, Cardboard, Plastics, Wood and Pallets.

As well as decreasing physical pollution, Rearo has also contributed to decreasing air pollution.

As a statistic the UK is second only to Italy in Europe for the highest number of annual deaths from a major air pollutant. To combat this figure and remove pollutants from the air Rearo has invested in and utilises a large scale extractor fan system in the factory to gather dust, wood cuttings etc from machines and store safely in giant dust collection bags which can be safely removed from site.

The third and final major change which we have implemented is in regards to lighting and electricity within the factory.

The company has decreased the rate of electricity used in the factory through the use of modern power saving day lightbulbs and through alterations to our roof. We have recently had a team working on the factory roof’s sunlights. Deep cleaning and full replacements were undertaken to make the most of the natural daylight hours, improving the working environment while assisting the production staff.

We at Rearo are proud of our environmental ethos and are keen to keep up the progress in our bid to be a zero waste company. We encourage you to join our campaign in keeping the planet clean!