It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas …


Ah, the smell of Christmas…who doesn’t love the festive scents at this time of year? For many, it’s the real Christmas tree scent they enjoy waking up to each morning. But if the mess of pine needles outweighs the aroma for you, we’ve got a few other suggestions to make sure your home still has a festive fragrance…


Incorporate the scent of cinnamon by creating and baking gingerbread ornaments to place on your tree, or for garlands around your home. This deliciously light fragrance should last for around 2-3 weeks.

Peppermint and pine

Why not test your creative abilities with some handmade candle melts? Peppermint and pine are the ideal fragrances for these. Simply blend the appropriate scent oil with the remainders of a tea light. For extra décor, add in some crunched candy cane or pine branch.


Try this halfbakedharvest’s recipe via this link:

So bring the outdoors in this festive season, and fill your home with sugar and spice before the doorbell starts to ring!