How to style Brushed Aluminium

Art Deco, one of the most opulent eras in the 20th century and it's making a comeback in 2019.

The modern take on this style focuses more on material choices, such as metal, and places emphasis on their reflective finishes.

For those not so keen on this flamboyant style, we've blended the key areas of the new Art Deco and styled them in an industrial/ modern way.

Using our mood board as a guide line, we have sourced some key inspiration images from Pinterest and selected our best suited products - Clixeal Light Concrete Flooring, Senses Noir Essence Worktop and the Brushed Aluminium Splashback.

The main observations we took from the images was the blend of reflective and matt finishes, as well as the grey and black palette choice.

Beginning with the Brushed Aluminium Splashback, we created a calming and sleek finish and paired alongside our Speckled and Matt Finish Noir Essence Worktop.

By blending two contrasting finishes you create something interesting in your kitchen as the eye becomes drawn to both textures.


The mixed finish of the Noir Essence worktop also works as a toner for the black in the design, creating a subtler appearance which sets off the silver without being over bearing.

Our choice of worktop accessories were sourced from Ikea where we opted to stick to natural materials and matt finishes. This again adds more layers of texture and improves the aesthetics in the room.

And finally our Flooring choice was Clixeal Light Concrete, which gives the impression of the natural material with minimal maintenance.

Paired with this metal finish stool from, the chair works as a connection between the grey in the floor and the metallic walls.

For further images of our styler, head over to Pinterest.