Whether you’re just dabbling or an experienced creative, an art space can be a very beneficial outlet for your mind.

We’ve did our own research in the form of a Pinterest snoop and found that the consensus was clean and white when decorating, our opinion is an injection of colour can go a long way.

With the help of our pastel range you could create a sense of vibrancy and still leave blank space to display your own artwork. Our recommendation would be to select a feature wall, either at a window area or centrally placed to display your Selkie panels (see left).



For worktops we would again stick with the light and airy feel and select either a white (if you’re feeling brave) or a wood imitated finish. The joy of our worktops is they easily wipe clean, although we would always state that appropriate precautions should be taken when cutting and using sharp materials on a laminate surface.

Rearo top picks include Senses Ipanema White, Coco Bolo and Walnut Butchers Block.

The rest is then up to you, consider it the first of many creative projects to come from your new space. For further inspiration head to our Pinterest.