Halloween Decorating: The Kitchen

Following on from Tuesday’s blog, we’re giving you the kitchen edition of our Halloween content. We’ll be supplying you with some top decorating tips, courtesy of Pinterest.

Find our top five ideas below.

Paper Bats

Easily crafted and attached with blue tac or pins, these bat shapes bring an authentic spooky feel in to your home.

Candle drip bottles

Utilise your empty bottles and embellish them with wax for a lived in and spooky aesthetic.

Themed centerpieces

The table has a large focus during the Christmas period and rightly so, this flat surface presents endless opportunities for creating a mood within the room. Swap the gold and tinsel of Christmas for cobwebs and skulls.

Dark cutlery

Truly get into the spirit by purchasing dark theme cutlery. High street retailers are selling a range of Halloween inspired designs – from matte blacks to skeleton shapes.

Themed punch bowls

If you’re hosting this Halloween then the punch bowl is a necessary element for any party! Pinterest has a whole host of ideas, head to our board for further inspiration.