From bleak to chic - our marvellous bathroom makeover

At Rearo we’re known as one of the UK’s leading suppliers in bathroom and kitchen surfaces, providing homeowners with the tools to create their dream spaces – well, now it’s our turn. Following the recent extension between our two Glasgow HQ buildings, this older buildings are seeing their own refurbishment, beginning with the washrooms.

With a little help from our Selkie brand ambassador and renowned celebrity interior designer, John Amabile, we’re turning around our female bathroom facilities from bleak to chic in similar style to that of our recently renovated men’s washroom.

Channelling our brief’s keywords of ‘modern’, ‘sophisticated’ and ‘fresh’, John’s proposal features a fabulous luxurious look. As seen in our mock up to the right, we’re creating feature walls with Selkie Persian Marble design, while giving the illusion of space with Selkie Carrera Marble.

Meanwhile, Black Slate from our Clixeal flooring range works as a solid base for the two fair tones. Post install, the washroom will be dressed to perfection with made to measure blinds, fittings and fixtures.

With both Selkie and Clixeal known for their quick installation qualities, we aim to complete the job within a week and will be filming every step of the way. So, keep a look out for our upcoming video with a renovation to rival those on John’s own 60 Minute Makeover!