Four ways kitchen islands make life easier

Kitchen Islands/ Breakfast Bars are becoming popular throughout the UK, not only do they have aesthetic appeal but serve a purpose. Here’s our four top reasons for why you should introduce one into your home.

1. Open Plan Living

By expanding your food preparation area from a single worktop to multi units, you can cut down on several minutes and cooking time. The addition of a sink or hob to your workstation, to wash and cook, create a free-flowing space – ideal for open plan living.

2. Additional storage

Whilst hosting appliances on the surface, the underside of your kitchen island/ breakfast bar is the perfect area for storage. House kitchen utensils in custom made drawers.

3. Design statement

Add extra flair to your kitchen by adding a kitchen island/ breakfast bar in a contrasting design, creating a focal point within the room.

4. Social living

 A gathering area within a kitchen creates interest and entices individuals into conversation, meal preparation is no longer a solitude activity and the whole family can be present.

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Image sourced via Unsplash