Wooden worktops have been a matter of tradition within the kitchen for several years and we don’t see it changing anytime soon. At Rearo we offer a variety of laminate finish wood decors across our three worktop ranges, guaranteed to have a design to suit every taste.

We give our top five reasons for introducing wooden decors to your home.


One thing guaranteed with wood designs is that they are always on trend. This traditional design choice offers a variety of warm and natural tones which bring a welcoming feel to any kitchen and can be easily accessorised.

Cost effective

In comparison to real wood worktops, laminate finishes prove more cost effective and require less maintenance. Real wood requires regular oiling, a minimum of three times a month.

Anti-Bacterial properties

All laminate decors have anti-bacterial properties, preventing the growth of unwanted germs in your kitchen.


Practical for high traffic family kitchens, laminate is an extremely durable material, resistant to scratching, cracks and stains. The tight seal between the chipboard core and laminate ensures a long-lasting and water-resistant worktop.

10 year guarantee

All Rearo kitchen surfaces are backed by our comprehensive 10 year product guarantee, giving you peace of mind.

Feeling inspired? Our in-store only Duropal range specialises in real wood imitation and has over 30 decors to choose from. Click here to find your nearest branch.