Find harmony in your home

This week’s theme is bringing your summer travels back home and today it’s all about maintaining that lovely, de-stressed mood which we adopt on holiday. Just how can you keep that all year-round? Well, you could try the ancient Chinese doctrine of feng shui which emphasises that the way you arrange objects in your home and work space, can affect your success, health and happiness. Here’s how to get started.

Clear your clutter

An Oprah favourite, clear your home of all the items you no longer need and minimalise your living space. We can all be guilty of a little hoarding from time to time - those jeans we’ll fit in to again or objects with sentimental value.  The truth is though, an open space creates the illusion of wealth and also can psychologically de-stress your mind. So, if something’s not seen the light of day in months or you can’t say a straight forward yes to keeping, gift it to charity.

Get good quality air and light in

Clear the air by opening the windows often or by introducing air-purifying plant. Allow as much natural light as possible into your home and consider using full-spectrum lights. Choosing light wall panels, such as Selkie White Gloss, with high light reflective values can also brighten your space.

Use the energy map 

Referring to the classical edition, the Bagua energy map will show you which physical areas of your home or office to connect to the specific areas of your life which you want to change or improve. It’s divided into eight areas, of which you’ll need a compass to proceed with realigning your home. Begin by placing the Bagua over a simple, hand drawn floor plan of your home or space. Hold the Bagua with the three lower sections (Knowledge/Career/Helpful people) facing you and parallel to the main entryway wall. Now divide the entire house according to the Bagua sections as illustrated to the right. 

Once mapped out, have a look at the five Feng Shui elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Wood and Metal. Each of these is represented by colour. Place these colours in your home via décor, furniture, ornaments, art, etc. for where you feel they are relevant. Wealth generation for example requires creativity and therefore the introduction of fire.


Colours: red, purple, orange, strong yellow, magenta and pink - with triangular and star shapes.

Place in south, southwest, northeast and centre areas of the bagua.

Apply when you lack creative expression, when you feel cold and lonely, or when your energy feels weak.



Colours: ivory, beiges, soft browns, bronze.

Place in southwest, northeast and centre areas.

Apply where you need calm, stability and peace, and to create a strong, nurturing and supportive foundation.



Colours: blue and black.

Place in the north, east and southeast.

Apply to calm, cool and refresh your space, and to promote a deeper sense of connection.



Colors: green and brown.

Place in the east.

Apply when you need a breakthrough and your vision seems unclear or when your energy is low.



Colours: white, beige and grey

Place in the west, northwest and north.

Apply when you lack direction in life or just experience low, lazy energy.


So, good luck rearranging your home. We hope you reach your desired outcome!