Differentiating home and office space

Working from home has become more of the norm in recent years, with smallbusiness.co.uk predicting that by 2020 half of the UK workforce will be located remotely. But in what ways are you differentiating between your home space and work space?

Set aside a room or area in your house that you use exclusively for work. The obvious statement would be that it houses your work materials but at the same time you do need to want to spend time in there.  Think of colour, layout and environment.


Design your space with colours you love, if you will be working facing a computer all day calming colours and textures are your friend and if you’re creative then go for a bold blend to inspire.

Wooden, Stone and Dark textured desks are a popular choice. For a minimalist approach with optimal storage space and leg room, select a worktop instead.

When looking to rejuvenate your cupboards, we sell a full range of laminate sheets (1mm) directly through our trade counters which are ideal for cladding awkward surfaces.

Getalit Plain White (A 242 C) Square Edged Worktop (4100mm x 650mm x 39mm)



You’ll either be spending hours in a seat or actively moving around. For desk workers we would suggest placement beside a window with access to sunlight and fresh air and for the movers an open plan middle area which allows easy access to all necessary equipment.


Introduce some greenery in to your office, not only do they have aesthetic appeal but they also have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase productivity.

And there you have it, some key pointers on creating your own home office.

For some inspiration in your own project, we’ve compiled some imagery from a variety of office spaces https://www.pinterest.co.uk/rearom/home-office/