Creepy kitchens and bizarre bathrooms – it’s Halloween!

Halloween. For some, the October celebration is even better than Christmas – a brilliant excuse to let out your inner Tim Burton! From traditional pumpkins and skeletons, to film themed decorations, it’s the perfect time to let your creative side flow. But don’t stop at decorating your living room – it’s your kitchen and bathroom where you can really get people into the spirit of things.

As one of the UK’s leading bathroom and kitchen surface specialists, we’ve got loads of ideas to transform your home and help you throw a mysteriously menacing Halloween Extravaganza. So instead of the usual blood and gore, we’ve gone quirky and obscure - think Victorian chemist mixed with some new age gothic style!



It’s often where people spend most of their time at any party, so make a fabulous impact with your kitchen. Begin with your table setting. But forget a standard table cloth -  think of more original elements to incorporate for a textured surface, such as moss, and build around these with ornaments like melted candles (watch tutorial). For a more dramatic atmosphere, add a dry ice/ hot water blend to your sink.

Top Tip: Is your worktop colour scheme letting down your look? Try our Senses New Noir Sparkle or go for a quick layer of removable vinyl in black or red.


For your bathroom, it’s all about trinkets, and the weird and wonderful. Again, it’s a room everyone will visit, so set the mood with some dimmed lighting and excessive candle use. Create a sense of magic with this simple white snake attachment and some cleverly labelled bottles.

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