Creating an office that works

What’s your office like? Organised and inspiring? Or dull and depressing? It’s a known fact your office environment can have a direct effect on productivity. It’s also a topic close to home for us here at Rearo – our own Marketing team is in the middle of a refurb and will be soon moving into the new extension at our Glasgow HQ. So follow our lead to make sure your staff stay motivated beyond tea break:

Get creative with wall coverings

As wall panel specialists, we help customers create unique spaces every day, from going quirky, to adding colour or incorporating shapes. In an office environment, we believe the best way forward is to let the staff who’ll be working within the space decide on the look. So it was over to Luca and the Marketing team to create a concept for their new office area. We have to agree, they’ve made a brilliant choice with Formica laminates in Terracotta and Leaf Green.

Make a statement with your stationery

Nowadays it’s so easy to express your personality or set the tone with your stationery. ‘Fun’ options including everything from hippo staplers to glitter notebooks. Our team have gone for a subtler look, however, combining variations of copper wire trays and pen holders to complement the laminate walls perfectly.

Promote productivity with plants

Create some office zen with a bit of greenspace. It’s widely believed plants can bring balance, but recent studies prove the humble office plant can go further, increasing happiness and even productivity! Stuck for floorspace? See Pinterest for ideas on a hanging wall instead.

Take a break

We all know how important it is to take a break from the computer each day. But forget the traditional lunchtime walk - creativity is the latest craze, with etch-a-sketches and silly putty making their way into the workplace. Anything that requires staff to use their hands rather than a mouse can do the trick – and who doesn’t love lego? Old-fashioned puzzles are also great at getting your brain thinking in a different direction. At Rearo we’re going for a garden environment, where employees from all departments can go chill.

P.S. If you’re allowed, why not bring in an office pet? A fluffy or four legged friend can work wonders!

To have a look at the concept behind our Marketing Suite, click here.

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Image copyright of Pinterest

Image copyright of Pinterest

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