Colour is key in 2018...

We’re predicting that 2018 will be a colourful year. Recent trends suggest that homeowners are more likely to be daring and take the plunge with colour in their home, as they try to put their individual stamp on a property. So what colours will be big in 2018? Here’s our predictions:

Millennial Pink

The colour at the forefront of this season’s trend predictions is ‘Millennial Pink’ – a colour that has been around for a while, but refuses to go away. This shade of pink can be described as somewhere between a skin tone and a dark salmon, and has been replicated in interiors as well as fashion by designers such as Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Céline and Balenciaga.


This colour featured in our recent revamp of our Selkie collection. We call our interpretation “Salmon Wave” which uses a reflective pattern and has a quiet and peaceful tone with a hint of innocence and purity.

Natural greens

Natural hues such as sage, celery and avocado are also dominating 2018. We’ve opted for a mid-olive tone which we call “Tropical Green”. We felt its depth, mixed with a scale textured finish, would be ideal for those who are looking for a more exotic feel for their bathroom.

Bold yellows

Bring a hint of happiness to any room. The deep, golden shades of curcuma and mustard yellow, have been adopted within our “Iranian Travertine” design, and for a pastel alternative we have also created “Lemon Grass”.

2018, be bold and inject a little colour and fun into your property. Interior design doesn’t have to be beige!