Christmas is a-coming, and while we lavishly adorn our living rooms, halls and even gardens with trees, lights and decorations, we tend to neglect the two most important areas in the whole house -the kitchen and bathroom.


So here are our Top 5 Tips to bring some Christmas cheer to your most used rooms this festive season:

Go with a Garland – or two!

Whether they’re store bought or homemade, delicate or bold, garlands are the ultimate Christmas accessory. Although often reserved for the fireplace, garlands look great draped over mirrors or for trimming walls and doors, so have fun with your festive foliage! Mix pine or fir leaves with baubles, beading and glitter for a traditional appeal. Or opt for quirky and kitsch with some glittery stars.

Spread the Wreaths around

Don’t just keep a wreath for your front door – hang some inside too! Exaggerated or simplistic, wreaths can bring welcome festive cheer above your worktop or bathroom mirror. Opt for a traditional tree round wreath or go for the more alternative Pinterest, minimalistic style - an embroidery hoop with mistletoe. And for the star bakers out there, show off your skills and decorate your wreath with gingerbread figures – fabulous for your kitchen wall!

Add some Spice

Who doesn’t love the warm and spicy scents of winter, and the natural elements of cinnamon, orange, gingerbread, pine and sage. Bring these to life in your bathroom and kitchen with artificial air fresheners or create your own authentic pieces. Try creating wax melts, baking gingerbread or oven drying oranges - great for decorations!

Branch out in the Bathroom

Ok, so a full display tree in your bathroom is probably not ideal, but try resting just a single decorated branch in water or add a small berry bush for a vibrant, festive feel. If you’ve got room, surround it with accessories such as beading, ribbon or candles.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Add some festive touches to your kitchen table. Try floating candles or other Christmas items in water globes, placing fairy lights in a vase or decorating small jars with ribbons, twigs and a tea light inside. Simple and effective, these are guaranteed to add some glow as you count down the days to Christmas.