Bringing your travels home

Have you returned from your holiday inspired by your travels and different cultural surroundings? Being in a relaxed mode often makes us more alert to what’s around us, as we slowly absorb everything from colours and textures to art, taste and shapes.

The question is, how do you translate this into your own home? We ventured into traditional European destinations of France, Portugal, Spain and Greece, as well as city break favourites New York and Berlin, to tell you just that.


It surrounds us every day but based on where you’re visiting, you may discover something new. Travel is a great way to see unexpected colour combinations, especially in exotic destinations where you’ll often find bolder and braver examples. Tranquil blues and tropical greens are popular in sunny European climates, while you’re likely to spot industrial coppers and minimalistic whites in city locations.

Top tip - If you find you’re struggling to pair up shades, refer to the colour wheel and remember that a simple accessory can be the colour statement you need. Refer to right hand image


The blue and white waved floor tile in the image of Cascais, Portugal to the right is a brilliant eye-catching feature. If the pattern’s too daring for your floor, translate it into accessories such as cushions and rugs. Stick with the colour theme or add in green with a large potted plant, bringing texture, warmth and a sense of life to your room.


Think of words to describe your holiday location and the experience you had. Consider the materials and textures used in the areas inspiring you to help recreate that same atmosphere back home. Vibrant? Opt for bright lighting with vivid colours and designs. Quirky and artistic? Shop for trinkets and clash patterns.

With your mind now bubbling with ideas, here’s a handy destination-based shopping list to help you get started:

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