This week we have already covered the introduction of mock crocodile in to your home but today we’re tackling the rest of the patterns that wildlife has to offer. From leopard to zebra and feathers to wool, we will be providing you with the tools to channel some wildness in to your home.


Animal prints add dimension and bring personality to an interior, making them a great tool for layering. Whether you want to take an understated route or to be bold in style, it’s all down to interpretation.

Take Zebra for example, it may seem to be statement, however looks finely suited in a minimalist environment like below. By choosing these chairs to sit in a white setting, placed on top of a rug with a black outline, they bring vibrancy to the room with being a distraction. By ensuring another black accessory in the room, the chairs don’t become a sole feature

Credit: Furnish My Way Home Decor


Suggested colour pairings/ decors: Pink (Salmon Wave), White (White Gloss)

The same can then be said for leopard print, although in this instance we’re letting the accessories do the talking. Place your selected props in to a darkened room to create high contrast.

Credit: Décor Pad

Suggested colour pairings/ decors: Black (Black Frost and Black Marble)

And then to everyone’s favourite, the addition of fluffiness in to your home. For woollen accessories we say to go bold and excessive with layering, as suggested in this River Island campaign.

Suggested colour pairings/decors: White (Luna Marble)

However, if minimal is more your style you can replicate this look above with our Ancona Silver String Panel.

And for pairing multiple patterns at once? The suggestion would be this week’s key décor Tropical Green, not only is it a neutral backdrop but also relates back to the jungle areas where the inspiration has begun.

Credit: Architectural digest

We hope this has inspired you to bring some animal print in to your home, for further imagery and ideas: