Bring the spa to your bathroom

In an ideal world, your home - or at least part of it - should be your tranquil space, where you can unwind after the challenges and rigours of the day. For many, especially those with young families, that might seem like more of a dream than reality. But if there’s one room where you can easily create a truly relaxing interior, it’s the bathroom. So here are our top tips for an at-home spa.


Firstly, think about your colour choices for your surfaces. For your walls, choose earthy tones, opulent marbles or stone effects, such as Ancona’s Copper Red or Beige Concrete wall panels. Neutral tones and natural finishes like these are proven to have soothing qualities, as well as giving a sense of space. Compliment these panels with a faux wood flooring, such as Clixeal Natural Oak. Or if it’s a luxury finish you fancy, try Copper or Black Slate.


Treat yourself to some fabulous new towels, which you keep just for a ‘spa night’. Stick to natural cottons like Egyptian - soft, absorbent and strong, they’re also more likely to stand the test of time.


Swap your normal light fitting for a dimmer switch to give you the option for a softer mood. For extra ambiance, use lanterns with scented candles. Choose a scent that resonates with you. Vanilla, Sandalwood and Magnolia are all popular within the home. (Remember to keep the wicks short to avoid blackening your ceiling!)


For an extra sense of style, indulge in some real furniture such as a wooden stool, a Moroccan rug and artwork. Additional spa worthy accessories include a quartz crystal, which traditionally symbolises protecting your space from negative energy. Greenery such as peace lilies, eucalyptus and bamboo can also create a sense of calm. For added luxury, install a towel-warming drawer in your vanity. Or if you want to dry your towels at the same time, opt for a towel-warming bar.

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