Brighten your bathroom

After highlighting 2019’s Bold Black Bathroom Trend we felt it was only fair that we gave some guidance on working with colour in your home.

When beginning with any project though, you first need to think of the mood you want to achieve (remember colours have emotional attachments). Think, do you want to feel relaxed, energised or inspired? Your colour choices will play more of a role than you would first think.

We’re beginning your colour journey by building on the themes of Harmony and Energy, giving you some handy hints and tips for styling Rearo products in your home.

Harmony, as the name suggests is all about finding your zen. Begin with a neutral base as shown above, opting for pastel shades, natural stone and white. Our recommendation is Ancona ‘White Marble’. Keep styling minimalist and opt for natural materials such as cotton, wood and clay when choosing accessories.

Your checklist:

  • Minimalistic Wall Panels from Rearo’s Ancona or Selkie range
  • Stone or wood style click vinyl flooring from Rearo’s Clixeal or Valencia range
  • Subtle scents in the form of diffusers or candles
  • Natural element accessories such as wood or pebbles
  • Fresh air and naturally exposed lighting

Parallel to Harmony is Energy, which is not for the faint hearted. These spaces are all about vibrancy and mental stimulation and are often seen in the homes of creative individuals. Stick to bold colour choices and don’t be afraid to mix contrasting tones. Our recommendation is Selkie ‘Lemongrass’. Styling can be very maximalist, taking on pattern, unusual shapes and materials.

Your checklist:

  • Bold décor Wall Panels from Rearo’s Selkie range
  • Wood or Stone style Click Vinyl Flooring from Rearo’s Clixeal or Valencia range
  • Contrasting patterned rugs or curtain options
  • Quirky furniture
  • Fresh lighting

So, whether you’re unleashing your inner peace or spurring on a new creative venture, Rearo has the style choices to suit any home. For further advice keep track of our Facebook and Twitter profiles over the next few days, where we will be providing handy shopping guides and style tips.