A sign we’re all a team

Twenty four team members at Rearo’s headquarters in Govan are learning British Sign Language, so that they can communicate with a young apprentice.

Sam Spiers, a 20-year old apprentice who joined Rearo late last year, is profoundly deaf. Although Sam has a BSL interpreter who can join him in the workplace to translate, the management team at Rearo thought they could do more to make Sam feel welcome.

Graham Mercer, managing director of Rearo, said: “Rearo is a friendly company and we wanted to make sure Sam felt welcome and part of the team.

“We’re running the classes during the working day and arranging shifts around when people are available.

“I’m proud that so many of our team volunteered to learn BSL, and I’m taking the classes too. We’re only on the basics, like ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’, but we’re all enthusiastic.”

Would you like to join in? Visit http://www.british-sign.co.uk/ to learn the basics, then come and sign with us in the Glasgow showroom!