Sheds used to solely be a piece of storage for all your garden tools, however in recent years it has adapted in to an extension of your home.

From relaxation areas to outdoor kitchen spaces, the she/ he shed has become a haven for many of you.

With all this attention now being placed on the outdoors, it’s about time you considered the interior and feel of your new space. That’s why we have provided three ready made mood boards, complete with product suggestions, shed designs and layout.

1. The Grey Space

Suggested products:  Ancona Brushed Grey Panels and Clixeal Light Concrete Flooring

The minimalist chill space for the modern man and woman. Accessorise sparsely with greenery and select bean bag seating for an organic feel.

2. The Cosy Space

Suggested product: Valencia Dalton Flooring

 The natural space, taking advantage of its wooden exterior for aesthetics. This space is purely for relaxation and should be complete with fairy lights and layers of blankets and cushions


3. The Mediterranean Space

Suggested products: Selkie Medusa Beige Panels and Valencia Beige Slate Flooring

 Designed to bring a feel of your holiday home. Stick to marble design and rattan furniture and complete accessorising with exotic plant life and rugs.

For further ideas on ways to create your own unique setting, head to our Pinterest.

* Please note that Selkie products should not be exposed directly to weather conditions such as rain and should avoid direct sunlight which can affect colouring*