Max-Fit Brushed Grey Gloss PVC Plain Panel (2400mm x 1000mm x 10mm)

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Max-Fit Brushed Grey Gloss PVC Plain Panel (2400mm x 1000mm x 10mm)

10mm thick tongued and grooved PVC Shower Panel in a Grey Marble Gloss finish

Product details

  • Size: 2400mm x 1000mm
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Light Weight: 4.3kg
  • Fire rating: Class 1
  • Colour: Grey Marble Gloss


Fast and easy Max-Fit wide Shower Panels are the perfect solution when you require a reliable waterproof solution with excellent value for money.

These large panels cover 2.4 square meters of wall.  The panels are tongued and grooved allowing you to quickly clad a whole wall in no time.

Ancona panels are engineered with an extra-strengthened honeycombed structure. The panels are designed with an overall 10mm thickness and with a thicker face membrane than the industry standard. This makes Ancona more robust and less likely to compress with impact damage than most other pvc panels on the market.

Panel surfaces are smooth, mould resistant and easy to clean with a  simple wipe down with a damp cloth.


What Accessories you may need 

The Max-Fit use the same aluminium wall trims as our Selkie range of panels.  These can accommodate 10mm or 11mm thick panels.  We have all these aluminium extrusions available in a satin anodised, white powder coated, black powder coated or a luxury polished chrome effect finish.  These can all be found in the Accessories section of this website under Wall Board Trims.

For a normal corner sited shower arrangement (2 No. walls, all less than 1000mm long) you will require a minimum of 2 No. Ancona Max-Fit panels, 1 No. Internal corner trim and 2 No. End Cap trims.

For a normal enclosed shower arrangement (3 No. walls, all less than 1000mm long) you will require a minimum of 3 No. Ancona Max-Fit panels, 2 No. Internal corners and 2 No. End Caps.

The Panseal Kit in the Accessories section, will also work with this system.  This gives you a better seal and more aesthetic finish between the wall panel and shower tray, although many carpenters prefer to simply sit the panels onto the shower tray with a traditional silicone seal. It is essential that all wall panels are properly sealed to prevent water ingress.

We also have a ranges of slicone sealants and wall panel adhesives in the Accessories section.

Please Note: There may be the appearance of a scalloped edge at the top and bottom of the board, this is not a fault, it is the industry standard finish on a PVC wall or ceiling product.

Please Note: Rearo carry out regular quality control checks on all of our products. From time to time slight shading may be apparent. All panels must be checked for colour match shading differences before they are fitted, Rearo will not be accountable for any refitting charges if shading is discovered after fitting.

Width: 1000mm
Length: 2400mm
Thickness: 10mm