Freestanding protective screen (900 x 700 x 300mm)

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Protective screen for use in office and retail areas

Dimensions: 900mm x 700mm x 300mm


With the installation of protective partition screens on your premises, you are not only ensuring the safety of your staff and customers but allowing business to continue during COVID-19.

As well as the practical aspects of a quick and easy to assemble plug-in structure, there is also an aesthetic nature to our product.

Our choice of highly transparent material lends to the shopper experience, and the simple arch shape to the base of the partition allows for the display of card terminals, ideal for serving counters and reception areas.


Product features:

  • Highly transparent synthetic material
  • Minimalistic design
  • Plu-in, easy to assemble system
  • High resistance to disinfecting agents
  • Lightweight, easy to manouevre structure

Width: 700mm
Length: 900mm
Thickness: 300mm